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Selling Unwanted Items

February 27, 2017 / moving-organization

Selling unwanted items

If you are moving, you likely have a few items that you no longer use or want. If they are in good condition, there are a variety of ways to sell those items. Hold a garage sale, have a private sale with friends and family, or sell it online. We’ve compiled a list of places to sell your unwanted items:

Selling Online



Surrey Reuses



Marvel Auctions


There are multiple consignment stores in each community. Many specialize in furniture, clothing, children’s gear, and sports equipment. An online search of “consignment stores near me” will produce a number of results. Examples include:

Sports Traders

Once Upon a Child

When determining the selling price of your items, first look up the item’s retail value, brand new. If you can’t find the same item, look for reasonable, similar replacement and note how much they cost. Now look up the item’s used value on websites such as Amazon, Craigslist, and eBay to see how much people are selling the same item for. Make a note of how much they’re asking for, and what prices close around if it is an auction.

You can now determine your selling price by assessing the condition of the thing you want to sell, compared to the sale listings you’ve seen. Don’t shoot for new retail price unless you know your item is rare—your best bet is to use other used or sale prices are a barometer. If you see the item widely available new but not available used, you may be able to sell your item easily if you price it well. In contrast, if you see the item is difficult to find new but widely available used, you may have a hard time selling unless you’re willing to undercut everyone or the condition of your item is better than most. Keep in mind, if you’re selling locally, people may expect values because they’re picking something up or taking it right off your hands.

Whatever method you use to sell your items, do so carefully, trust your gut, and if all else fails – drop the price. It will sell in no time!