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Moving to a New City

June 26, 2017 / moving-tips

Moving to a new city

There is nothing more exciting than moving to a new city.  However, with the glimmering hope of a fresh start comes the nerve wracking reality that you don’t know much about your new home.  Here are some of the best ways to get comfortable with your surroundings and make the transition from tourist to local.

Do your research

When you have made a big move to a new town, the internet is your best friend.  There are many apps, sites and reviews available to help you locate businesses to suit your needs.  We all need things like a doctor, a favorite grocery store chain, or a hairdresser as integral parts of our day to day life.  Once you have your list of ‘must finds’ plug them into sites like Yelp, get options in your area, read some reviews and then choose a couple to visit in person.  Another way to access a list of what is available near to your new home is the app ‘Google Nearby’.  This app gives almost every conceivable category you might be looking for and searches for what is near to you.  Actively searching and finding options for where you live now will make you feel settled in your new city.

Get involved at the new school

If you happen to be moving with school age children, getting comfortable as quickly as possible can be even more of a priority and comes with its own set of challenges.  Getting them comfortable at the school where they spend the majority of their time is important.  The best way to integrate your children and yourself with a new school is to get involved.  Go along to fun nights, sports days, sign up for the PAC, organize playdates, the more you open your time and lives to school based activities, the sooner your kids will feel part of their new community.

Get a feel for your neighborhood

Ditch the keys, open the front door, and take a stroll in your surrounding neighborhood as often as possible in those first weeks.  It’s amazing what you notice when you are on foot, as opposed to quickly driving by.  It will help you get a feel for the smells, sounds and sights of where you are living and help you memorize directions a lot quicker.  Another huge advantage is the ability to meet and greet neighbors while you are out and about. You can ask their advice about their favorite nearby stores, restaurants, and businesses.  Who knows, you might just begin new friendships.