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Moving with Kids

May 25, 2017 / moving-tips

moving with kids

Moving to a new city or neighborhood can be both stressful and exciting. During this busy time, the little people in our lives often get overlooked in the move process. They can often feel stressed out or fearful of moving to a new place, but there are ways to make the transition easier.

  1. Get them excited about the move

Ask your child what they would like to see in their new home or neighborhood. A bigger room or backyard? A cool crawlspace? A park nearby? A cool skate park?  If possible, include them in the house hunting process and bring them along to view homes. Being involved will help them feel a part of the moving process.

  1. Create a Memory Book

If you are changing schools and moving away from friends, create a memory book that teachers, friends, and coaches can sign, attach pictures, and record their email/mailing address.  Staying in touch with loved ones will help as they meet new people.

  1. Goodbye Party and Planned Visits

Before you move, host a casual pot-luck party where friends and family can drop by to visit and say goodbye. It may also help your kids if you book a few visitors shortly after you have settled into your new home. Saying goodbye is much easier when kids can look forward to showing off their new neighborhood to visitors.

  1. Decorating their New Room

An exciting aspect of a new room is getting to decorate it! If your budget and patience will allow, have the kids pick out their new bedspread, paint color and “theme” of their new room. If you just can’t give up control of the design aspects, consider temporary wall decals. Giving kids a space in their new home that feels uniquely “theirs” will provide comfort as they adjust.

  1. Get out and Explore

Take the time to explore your new neighborhood from a kid’s perspective. Introduce yourselves to the neighbors so they are no longer strangers. Find nearby parks and recreation centres to play in, scout out a cool restaurant to visit, check out their new school. The sooner things become familiar, the easier the adjustment for everyone.

Moving with kids to a new home can be hard, but having a plan to help them adjust will make that move go smoothly and you’ll all be settled in in no time.