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Moving in Spring Weather

April 25, 2017 / moving-tips

There’s no getting around it, Spring time is wet in Vancouver!

MeltingMoving in the spring snow, rain showers, and morning dew, all contribute to puddles, sloppy mud, slick driveways and walkways. Not an ideal situation for moving boxes and heavy items!

Rest assured, AMJ Campbell Movers are well equipped to handle such weather, and take precautions to protect your items and your home.
However, for those items not able to be transported in the moving trucks (hazardous material, pets, valuables), here are tips to protect the items you personally transport:

  1. AMJ movers place cloth runners on your floors and carpets to protect them. For yourself, consider a package of inexpensive shoe covers, cardboard, or old towels, to keep from tracking water in your home.
  2. Have friends or family bring belongings to the front door, where they can meet a second person waiting to take the items inside your home.
  3. If your new home has a garage, back up to it, and keep your items safe from the elements.
  4. Cover items with plastic wrap, heavy blankets, and garbage bags to protect them from the elements
  5. Have a clear path, free from puddles and mud, to ensure no-one slips, falls, or drops items, while unloading.

With the warmer temperatures and longer daylight hours, Spring can be a fantastic time to move. It just takes a little extra planning to protect you from Mother Nature.