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Get Organized for Moving Day

July 20, 2017 / moving-organization

moving day organization

Moving day is busy and it’s easy to forget important things – stuff that can cause last minute panic.  In all the moving mayhem, it’s easy to forget some essential tasks, so be ready before the moving crew arrives.

How to Prepare for the Moving Crew
  1. Set your alarm earlier than normal and have breakfast completed by the time the crew arrives.
  2. Ensure that the packing is completed the day before. All the boxes should be labelled with its room destination and fragile marked on breakables.
  3. All the boxes should be sealed, stackable and uniform in size. Do not pack using garbage bags.
  4. Leave only soft goods inside drawers.
  5. Park your car outside of the driveway.
  6. Get the key for the “exclusive” use of the elevator.
  7. Disconnect any appliances that will be moved.
  8. Disassemble beds and tables to save billing time.
  9. Have childcare arranged and ensure that the family pets are not underfoot.
  10. If possible, move your house plants and dried flowers yourself.
  11. If it will fit in a box – box it!
  12. Tie garden tools into neat bundles.
  13. Empty crawlspace and ensure proper packaging.
  14. Defrost your freezer the day before and have it empty and cleaned.
  15. Double check all the cupboards and closets for missed items.
  16. Leave vacuum in linen closet so you can vacuum after the crew leaves.
  17. Empty fridge of last minute items.
  18. Prepare a floor plan for destination.
  19. Make sure that no overhanging trees will impede the placement of our truck.
  20. Stay calm and get a good night’s sleep the night before!

It’s the day of your move and with these tips, you’ll be ready!