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Moving Tips and checklists



Your final billing will be based on the actual time that our crew takes to complete your move. You can minimize our billing time and maximize your savings by following these simple moving guidelines.

1. Set your alarm earlier than normal and have breakfast completed by the time the crew arrives.
2. Ensure that the packing is completed the day before. All the boxes should be labelled with its room destination and fragile marked on breakables.
3. All the boxes should be sealed, stackable and uniform in size. Do not pack using garbage bags.
4. Leave only soft goods inside drawers.
5. Park your car outside of the driveway.
6. Get the key for the “exclusive” use of the elevator.
7. Disconnect any appliances that will be moved.
8. To save even more: disassemble beds and tables to save billing time.
9. Have childcare pre-arranged and ensure that the family pets are not underfoot.
10. If possible, move your house plants and dried flowers yourself.
11. If it will fit in a box – box it!
12. Tie garden tools into neat bundles.
13. Empty crawlspace and ensure proper packaging.
14. Don’t disconnect the phone service too early.
15. Double check all the cupboards and closets for missed items.
16. Leave vacuum in linen closet so you can vacuum after the crew leaves.
17. Empty fridge and freezer contents.
18. Prepare a floor plan for destination.
19. Make sure that no overhanging trees will impede the placement of our truck.
20. Stay calm and get a good night’s sleep!

1. Our driver will note his arrival time on a Bill of Lading.
2. The driver will ask for your signature to confirm your Valuation option.
3. Floor protection will be laid throughout the house.
4. The van operator will tour the residence to view shipment.
5. Point out any article that requires special care (i.e. family heirlooms, antiques, fragile items and artwork).
6. Railings and banisters will be pad wrapped for protection.
7. Stretch wrap will be utilized where required.
8. Please note that if you request that the truck leave the travel portion of the road; any damage caused and/or towing expense will be your expense.
9. Our van operator will ask permission to park in your driveway.
10. Please confirm the delivery address and give the driver directions and a map to the new address.

1. Floor protection will be laid throughout the house.
2. Railings and banisters will be pad wrapped for protection.
3. Our driver will require a tour to determine location of difficult items.
4. Appoint a person to direct crew as to placement of furniture.
5. If any furniture requires rearranging, we are happy to do so, however, being explicit from the beginning will eliminate this extra time and expense.
6. Provide them with the key for the “exclusive” use of the elevator.

FOR BEST PRICING AND AVAILABILITY: Stay away from end of months if possible (particularly June, July and August) – all movers are stretched beyond their limits at that time and even truck rental firms are short of equipment. If you must move at a month end – make your moving arrangements early – minimum 6-8 weeks prior to move date.

AVOID CLOSING DAYS: Never plan to move in on your Closing Day. Sometimes there are delays in the closing or the former owners may be later moving out. There’s nothing worse than having the moving truck sitting idle running up extra charges.

TAKE STOCK AND DECLUTTER: Go through your home from top to bottom before the moving consultant(s) comes in to do their survey. Decide exactly what is being moved and what will be sold or discarded. Make a list so you can discuss it with the moving consultant. Similarly, make a list of any items stored or kept at another location including any items on loan to friends or family.

PACKING YOURSELF: If you are doing some or all of your own packing, arrange to get started well in advance of the move. Packing is much harder work than most people realize and unless you do it for a living, it will take you longer than you expect.

MOVING SUPPLIES: If you are doing some or all of your own packing arrange to purchase cartons and other supplies from your AMJ moving consultant. They are available at a nominal cost and are much stronger than discarded cartons from the grocery store. Do not over pack boxes.

FLAMABLES: Dispose of all flammables such as cleaning fluids, aerosol cans. Drain your lawn mower and other machinery of any gas and oil. Click here to see a list of Dangerous Goods you cannot ship with your move. Your AMJ moving consultant can discuss these with you further.

FOOD: Use up food from your freezer and pantry. Plan to clean your freezer and refrigerator at least 24-48 hours prior to the move in order to give these appliances time to properly dry. Put a charcoal filter, baking soda fridge pack or other such item inside to keep the appliance fresh. Leave lids and doors open until they are dry.

VALUABLES: Make sure you have or have obtained written appraisal for antiques, high value artwork, etc. to verify their value prior to the move. Provide a copy to your AMJ moving consultant.

APPLIANCES AND ANTIQUES: Appliances like washers and items like grandfather clocks need special servicing before and after the move. Make arrangements with a licensed service person or ask your AMJ moving consultant to make the arrangements on your behalf.

FIXTURES: Movers do not remove items affixed to ceilings and walls. If you are taking drapery tracks, curtain rods, blinds or other such items, remove them before the packers/movers arrive.

DRESSER DRAWERS: You can leave lightweight items in dresser drawers but do not put books, linens or other heavy items in them. Be sure to remove valuables like jewellery and fragile items including bottles of perfume.

CHILDREN: Arrange for young children and/or pets to be cared for on packing, loading and delivery days.

For Moving and Packing Tips, Hints, and Advice click here. [81kb PDF]
For Residential Moves click here for our residential moving checklist. [84kb PDF]
For International Moves click here for our international moving checklist. [332kb PDF]
For a list of dangerous goods or items you are not allowed to ship with your carrier, click Dangerous Items. [70kb PDF]
For a Change of Address checklist click here. [89kb PDF]


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