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Long Distance Moving – Over 240 Kilometers

AMJ Campbell

Are you looking for a moving company who specializes in long distance moving? We have been helping families move across Canada and the USA since 1934. Our AMJ Campbell moving consultant will come to your home and meet with you to discuss the details of your long-distance move and perform a comprehensive item-by-item survey of exactly what needs to be moved. The moving consultant will explain each step of the moving process, including all service requirements like packing, shuttles, and replacement value protection plan options for your possessions while they are in transit. Service date options for packing, loading and delivery will be established for your move.

A pricing proposal for your long distance move will be prepared by your AMJ Campbell moving consultant. The estimate will include the cost for all requested moving services such as transportation, packing, storage and replacement value protection. The cost of your long-distance move is based on the weight of your goods and the distance travelled from home origin to your new home destination city. An accurate estimate is the key to budgeting for your long-distance move. If additional items from another location are to be added to your list of goods, be sure to provide a detailed list of these additional goods as this will affect your final weight.

On loading day, the truck is scaled at a government approved weigh scale before arriving at your home. To start the move, your home will be protected with floor runners and padding on bannisters and railings. Each piece of furniture will be wrapped in clean, quilted moving blankets to protect them.

Once the truck is loaded with your shipment, it returns to the scale to be rescaled. The weight is calculated from the difference between the two scaling’s, and that weight will be used to calculate your actual shipment weight cost.

AMJ Campbell moving consultants provide a guarantee that their estimated weight will not exceed 10% of your actual weight, provided there are no additional items added to your shipment after the in-home survey was performed.

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