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Insuring your Shipment

AMJ Campbell

We take the care and protection of your personal items seriously and insuring your shipment is definitely an important step to consider when planning for your move.

Nowhere is this more important than the area of choosing the right “Transit Protection Plan” to meet your individual needs. It is imperative that you know what options are available to you and to fully understand the terms, conditions and exceptions inherent in these plans.

Transit Protection Plans for Your Household Goods Shipment

The motor Carrier Act states that a carrier of household goods is liable to certain defined limits for any loss or damage to goods accepted for transportation. You may wish to choose between the following established levels of liability that you wish the carrier of the household goods to accept. The amount of liability varies depending on the Transit Protection option that is chosen by the customer. The two options are as follows.

Plan A – Released Protection

Under this choice you will be reimbursed for loss and or damage up to sixty (60) cents per pound per article. Weight calculation is based on industry/manufacturers averages. In the unlikely event of total loss of all of the items your maximum protection would be sixty cents for each pound of actual weight of your entire shipment of household goods. If the loss or damage item’s was in a packed carton by AMJ Campbell Vancouver the maximum coverage amount is calculated on the total weight of the packed carton. There is no charge for this plan.

Plan B – Replacement Protection

This plan provides coverage up to the replacement cost of your item based on today’s market price for an item of like kind and quality if the damaged item cannot be repaired to its original condition. This choice is limited to the amount of valuation you declare on the bill of lading which must be not less than $10.00 per pound of the actual weight of your household goods.

Items of extraordinary value (i.e. single item worth in excess of $5000.00 with a current appraisal sheet) should be listed on a High Value Inventory Form and their total value should be listed separately on the bill of lading. The total value of these items is a supplemental declaration which is in addition to the amount declared for the balance of the shipment. Your AMJ Campbell moving consultant can advise you of the cost of this plan.