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Advanced Moving Management Systems

Our old school approach to customer service is made possible by some of the most sophisticated software you could see in a moving company. AMJ Campbell operates a cutting-edge advanced moving management system, which means we can track your belongings from the minute they are loaded onto the truck, follow them into the container right through to delivery at your new location (sometimes via storage if necessary). It also means we can respond with speed and flexibility to deal with the unpredictable situations that can arise with overseas shipping. Lesser companies respond to problems with excuses. We act. We find solutions.

We have spent decades building relationships around the world to make sure that our customers experience the same exceptional service throughout every step of the move.

We work very hard behind the scenes, as everything has to go right in order to run a successful operation. For instance, most customers won’t ever know that we only use the highest quality packing materials – everything has to meet the highest industry standards, including the paper we wrap delicate items in, the cardboard of the cartons, and even the wood of the pallets has to be of a certain grade and comply with ISPM-15 regulations.

All our employees, from the movers to behind-the-scenes people like the accounts department are inspired by a shared commitment to quality. We are a well-motivated team, all proud to work for AMJ Campbell. Our staff participates in an ongoing quality control program that rewards best practices at all levels in the organization.

We work together as a team to maintain our reputation for excellence – our reputation means that we operate within a network of industry-accredited professionals that know and trust us. We get the best out of people, which means that things run smoothly. Our attention to detail means that our customers can expect the highest level of personal service.