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First Night Moving Essentials

June 9, 2017 / moving-organization

First night moving box

It’s the first night in your new home. We’ve all been there – after a long day, you look around at the multitude of boxes  and think to yourself “where’s my pillow”?

To save your sanity, we’ve compiled a list of essential “first night moving essentials” to pack in a separate box, stored in your car, so you have everything you need on your first night in your new home.

1st Night Moving Essentials

Basic Cleaning Supplies

Most likely your new home will need a good cleaning. Have your basic cleaning supplies; rags, all purpose cleaner, gloves, garbage bags, and paper towels, ready to go.


You may eat out the first few meals, but having a supply of energy-rich snacks will keep you going while you unpack. Think easily portable: bananas, apples, trail mix, granola bars, and water bottles to keep everyone hydrated

Toiletries and Personal Items

Besides a change of clothes and PJ’s for your first 24 hours, be sure to pack bed linens, towels, toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, and toothpaste.


The cable and internet may not be set up for the first few days so be sure to pack a few movies and your laptop/Ipad to relax with after the long move day is over. Don’t forget to pack your chargers as well! There’s nothing worse than discovering your phone battery is dead among a sea of boxes.

Pet Supplies

Your pets need their basic needs met too. Keep aside a day or two worth of food, a bed, water dish, and leash/toy for them.

Customize your First Night Box to meet your family’s needs. Families might have one box per person. Whatever the number, locating and unpacking the essential box will be the key to having everything you need in one place. It should be clearly labeled and easy to find amongst all the other boxes.