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AMJ Campbell - Frequently Asked Questions


We’ve gathered up some of the more frequently asked questions we have received from clients over the years for local moves and have listed them here for your information, guidance and interest. By all means call or email us if you still have any questions about your local or residential move or would like more information.

It is a good idea to arrange for a pre-move survey well in advance of your anticipated moving date. For summer months, you should begin the process at least 6-8 weeks before your preferred move date. There are many details to be attended to relating to a move so the earlier you start, the easier it will be.

A pre-move survey is an in-home interview between the moving consultant and the customer who is moving. Your AMJ Moving Consultant will schedule a visit to your home at your convenience to determine the requirements of your move and answer all your questions. It is important that you be there to personally discuss the move process. Be sure to show the moving consultant everything that is to be moved including items in storage sheds, attics, etc. If you have items stored at another location, it is best to arrange to have the consultant view these items, if this is not possible, then make a detailed list.

The interview and survey have several purposes:

  1. Estimate the weight of your shipment
  2. Estimate your packing requirements and identify special service needs such as appliance servicing, crating, etc.
  3. Determine logistics – i.e. access by a tractor-trailer to residence
  4. Review your responsibilities, explain the moving process, step-by-step, and discuss your individual needs and concerns
  5. Provide suggestions and options that will meet those needs and still remain within your budget

If you are moving 40km or more to start a new job, business or attend school, and are paying for the move yourself, you should contact the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-2221 and ask for their T1M booklet “Moving Expenses Deductions” or visit their website at to download it.

Yes. There are several types of items that cannot be moved in our vans for safety reasons. Here is a list of Dangerous Goods or Items you cannot pack, ship or move with your carrier. Your moving consultant can discuss these with you in greater detail, but in general, they fall into the following categories: Aerosols, Flammables, Cleaning Agents, Combustibles, Perishables, Plants, Ammunition, Paints. Items such as Jewelry, Coin or Stamp Collections, Stock Certificates, Rare Items, Currency and Important Documents should not be put on the moving van since they are not covered for loss or damage under the mover’s transit protection/cargo protection plan.

There are three payment options available to you:

Cash on Delivery (COD): Our van operator is required to collect payment for your moving charges before your shipment is unloaded. “Cash on Delivery” (COD) payments must be made by cash, bank draft, certified cheque or money order. If you will not be personally available to accept your shipment at destination, you may want to consider pre-paying your charges in advance.

Credit Card: Another more convenient option may be to charge your moving expenses to a credit card. AMJ Campbell accepts VISA and MasterCard. Arrangements for this payment option must be made through your AMJ Campbell agent at origin so that they may obtain the appropriate authorization from the credit card company.

Corporate Invoicing: If your employer is paying for your move, AMJ Campbell will be happy to invoice the company for our services. A purchase order or letter of authority must be submitted to your AMJ Campbell agent at origin. Granting of credit is subject to normal credit approvals.

Included in the cost of your move is a basic mover’s standard liability, which is limited to 60 cents per pound per article. Generally most customers do not feel that this affords them sufficient protection in the event of loss or damage especially in a situation of total loss as a result of a catastrophic event such as an accident or fire. Therefore, AMJ offers a Full Replacement Protection Plan with a reasonable premium cost that can be customized to meet your individual requirements. Rarely will your homeowner’s policy cover your possessions while they are in transit therefore it is always wise to consider purchasing the mover’s full replacement coverage. Items of exceptional value should be declared separately. It is a good idea to have a current, written appraisal done in advance of the move since it will be necessary to substantiate the value should you make a claim for loss/damage.

Yes, the movers will disassemble beds and bed frames with the exception of IKEA and waterbeds (these require special servicing). They will also disassemble any other items that need to be taken apart for safe transportation. The mover will reassemble these items at destination. Items you disassemble at origin will be your responsibility to reassemble at destination. Movers/packers will not remove items that are affixed to the walls or ceilings (i.e. drapery tracks) due to the possibility of property damage.

Some items like washers, dryers, refrigerators with ice makers, grandfather clocks and pool tables need special servicing before they can be moved. Your moving consultant can make these arrangements for you.

Keep the following in mind:

If possible, do not put items in storage that you may need. Your goods will be stored in palletized storage vaults in an AMJ Campbell agent’s warehouse. If you do need to access your storage vaults, you will be charged a fee for warehouse labour. If you do your own packing, please remember that all storage items must be packed in a carton. Empty all contents of dressers, chests and drawers before your move into storage.

AMJ’s Vault service can be an economical and expedient way to transport your household possessions. Vault service is especially helpful for families who want delayed or expedited delivery. It is particularly cost effective as an alternative to short-term (30 days or less) storage requirements. Instead of sharing space on a traditional van service, your possessions will have exclusive use of one or more of our specially designed fiberglass and reinforced steel eight, nine or twelve foot Vaults. Your AMJ Campbell agent will arrange for you to padlock and seal your own Vaults. The Vaults are then loaded on a flatbed trailer for transport to your destination location. There, your local AMJ agent will arrange for delivery to your new residence.

AMJ Campbell has a firm policy regarding the proper wrapping of furniture items for transit. Each item will be carefully wrapped in a clean moving pad. Upholstered furniture will be shrink-wrapped in plastic for extra protection. Mattresses and box springs will be placed either in single use plastic bags or specially designed cartons.

Generally, with long distance moving, there is more than one shipment on a trailer since each trailer can hold between 25,000 – 33,000lb. (depending on size of trailer), therefore your moving consultant will establish a delivery spread for you. The spread is based on the weight of your shipment and the mileage from origin to destination. Spread dates are needed for scheduling and efficiency purposes. The mover is responsible for communicating the time frame or “spread” for delivery. It is your responsibility to be available during the entire delivery spread period. Your driver will contact you 24 hours before your household shipment arrives at destination, therefore it is important for you to provide a number where you can be contacted (i.e. work, hotel, friend or family member).

Yes, unpacking is an available service if you have chosen and paid for this option. In some cases it is included automatically. Please ask your AMJ Campbell representative for more information on this service.

When you move with AMJ, we take extra care to ensure that you get comfortably settled in your new location. This starts with the assignment of a local Atlas agent to act as your destination agent. They will take care of setting up any required third party services (i.e. appliance re connection) and will handle the unpacking of any agent packed cartons.

Yes, AMJ can handle (or make arrangements) for the transportation of your automobile(s) and recreational vehicles. There are several options available including: on-the-van or via a third-party carrier. AMJ has a network of world-wide third party carriers who can transport automobiles, boats and other recreational vehicles for our customers.

Like any living thing, plants require special attention. Moving long-distance presents some extra challenges. Ideally, you should have your plants moved in a temperature controlled environment such as your own car. The extreme temperatures (below freezing in the winter and above 35 degrees Celsius in the summer) and lack of fresh air in a moving van can be fatal to your plants. If you wish, your AMJ Campbell representative can assist in arranging for a third party service for these delicate items.

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