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Making Friends In Your New Neighborhood

Moving can be exciting and filled with promise. If you are moving to a new city, making friends can be one of the most stressful aspects for any age group. Young or old, putting yourself out there to meet new people is a challenge.

Meet Like Minded People

Without the benefit of schoolyard friendships for adults, it can sometimes feel impossible to make new friends.  Social interaction is such a huge part of truly feeling at home in a new city, and it is this aspect of a move that takes the most work, but delivers the most reward.  There are lots of ways to meet like minded people in your new city.   Keeping up your favorite hobbies or even digging up old ones is a fantastic way to meet new people.  The chances of meeting like minded people is higher if you meet them doing something you are interested in, and filling up your schedule makes you feel like you have a new ‘life’ in your new town.  Sports, religious groups, trivia nights, book clubs, even volunteer work within the community – there are so many places to meet people if you’re willing to put in the effort and open yourself to the opportunity.  A great website to find nearby groups of people with all different interests is Meetup.

Jump out of your comfort zone

It might be so much easier to watch TV surrounded by the boxes you keep meaning to unpack, but you’re not going to meet people in your living room.  Moving to a new place is all about adventure, so be adventurous!  Say yes to all invitations you receive, even if it’s not your favorite activity.  Take every opportunity to get out of the house.  Even if it’s to take a book to a coffee shop.  You never know who might want to strike up a conversation about what you are reading.

Relax and let it happen

As much as you can help the process along and be proactive, settling into a new city takes time.  Don’t set your expectations too high or get upset that you find yourself not living the same sort of lifestyle you left behind after the first couple of weeks.   Be friendly, explore your surroundings, and keep a positive attitude and you will feel at home in no time.